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Parental Cooperation

  1. Parents must recognize that they are primarily and principally responsible for the education of their children. It is their duty to create a family atmosphere inspired by love and devotion to God and their fellow men.
  2. Parents are requested to study all the rules of the school carefully and abide by them faithfully and also have them observed by their children.
  3. Parents are expected to cooperate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline, and by taking general interest in their child's progress.
  4. Parents should check the Diary and note the teacher's remarks etc. The Progress Report and examination results should be studied by the parents. Remedial measures should promptly be taken.
  5. The school does not guarantee the success of a pupil's studies unless the parents or guardians cooperate with the school authorities and do their part by enforcing regularity and discipline. They must see that their children do their home-work and prepare the lessons daily. Let them specially insist on punctuality and regularity in attending the classes.
  6. Parent teacher's meeting is held after every exam. All guardians are supposed to sign the diary available with the class teachers for the purpose.
  7. Never take side of your children against teachers.
  8. It is a great responsibility of the parents not to refrain from sending such children to school who may be suffering from some contagious disease.
  9. The progress report of a student is given to the parents only. As such the parents should timely take the report card and sign the teacher's dairy.
  10. In case a student has not been able to take their monthly, half yearly or annual examination for some reasons, a written report to this effect should be handed over to the Principal/In-charge personally stating the reason there of, otherwise he/she will be treated absent.
  11. All the guardians should encourage their wards to participate in the competitions held from time to time.
  12. If your child brings home anything from the school without teacher's knowledge, send it back the next day itself and inform about it to the persons concerned. It will have its own reward in his/her later life.
  13. Parents and guardian who want to discuss the welfare and progress of their children may meet the principal/In-charge with prior permission or at the notified time. Parents shall meet the teacher on the days and occasions notified in the calendar.
  14. To be absent from the school to attend social functions is not recommended. Because it retards the child's progress in school and minimize his/her respect for regular hard work.
  15. Parents and guardians are not allowed to walk into the class room or interview teachers during school hours. Those who wish to find out the progress of the child will kindly meet the teacher concerned, with a prior appointment from the Principal/assigned authority
  16. Every child ought to devote sufficient time for private study daily.

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